Reviewing Hespera’s GemFire Ring

Accessories like jewelry can be one of the great geek fashion staples. They can go with a variety of outfits and be worn in a variety of combos with other accessories. Sometimes fandom fashion jewelry pieces are like a bat signal – plainly declaring your fandom allegiance. Others, like Hespera Jewelry Co.’s GemFire rings, fall into subtle geek territory.

Hespera GemFire Ring and Bag
photo by Kay

It’s not necessarily a subtle ring in itself though, carved out of one stone with a thick band and craggy top showing off the beauty of a raw gem. But it is subtle in that not everyone will see it and immediately know where it’s from.

You see, this statement ring’s claim to geekdom fame lies in the 2016 sixth season finale of Game of Thrones. It featured prominently as Cersei Lannister, played by Lena Headey, had it placed upon her finger before taking her place on the throne.

For those of us who love carrying a little bit of as-seen-on-the-screen magic with us, it’s a pretty cool opportunity. And it definitely makes you feel a bit more powerful to wear. But I think I may like the ring for its look and wearability even more than that.

This is a piece you can wear with an everyday outfit or when you’re dressed up. It’s surprisingly not heavy for being a ring made out of stone. I can still feel that I’m wearing something on my finger but found it easy to wear for hours. The volume is noticeable too but still comfortable.

There’s a slight sheen added by the finish, which gives some added strength. And it’s nice that the ring’s raw geode edges are left not dangerously pointy. You don’t want to be accidentally cutting things open with your ring all day.

Kay Reviews Hespera GemFIre Ring
photo by Kay

The GemFire ring I received is made of a Southern Star Citrine from Pantagonia. With a base that’s white and off-white that melds into a crown of a golden brownish orange, it’s stunning when it catches the light. Some say citrine radiates confidence and makes room for happiness. Although I’m not sure how well that’s working out for Cersei.

Hespera has their rings hand carved in Brazil. Keep in mind that since they’re solid stone, the rings are not adjustable and have no give. I found if I got especially warm and my finger swelled enough, I had to shift the ring to another finger.

Some of the rings on their site are one-of-a-kind so they only come in one size, but others can be ordered in sizes 4 through 10. If the dark colors don’t suit you, Hespera also makes the GemFire ring in amethyst, clear quartz, and a lighter yellow citrine. I’m definitely considering getting one of the other colors too.

Overall the Hespera GemFire Ring is a cool statement piece to have in my accessory arsenal for geek-, crystal-, and fashion-loving reasons. You’ll find the GemFire Ring in Summer Flame on Hespera’s website as well as the entire GemFire collection where the rings retail for $175, which seems reasonable for a solid gem ring that’s so well designed.

Thank you to Hespera for sending along a ring for my review. As usual opinions here are my own.

Photos by Kay. Do not repost them without her permission.



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