Bringing Your A-Game to Geekdom

Early next month I will be speaking at the Belvedere-Tiburon Library in northern California about the wide range of opportunities open to science fiction fans. The focus of my talk will be encouraging young women, but much of what I’ll be speaking about is applicable to anyone looking to make a mark. I plan to discuss how I used my business skill in marketing and promotion acquired as an engineering professional to increase my own web presence, as well as things I’ve learned by observing successful fans or through my own trial and error.

Appropriately, there’s a crazy little story in how this speaking event came about. At a charity run, my sister happened to start talking to a woman who turned out to be on the board of the library speaker series in her hometown, and whose daughter is interested in science fiction and fantasy. My sister, who also happens to be a lawyer, saw an opportunity for both the library and myself so she made it happen. Sisters are awesome! The best part is that I will be getting to see my family for the weekend, visit friends, and talk about my novel Wynde – plus a few other exciting things in my future while paying it forward to the next generation of geeks.

On Science Fiction and Writing Wynde
Thursday, May 3, 7:30pm in the Founders Room
Young people have many options in the growing field of science fiction and fantasy storytelling beyond being an author. With the success of stories like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, more and more young women are seeking opportunities to express their love of genre storytelling. Enthusiastic fans are making their marks – and even a living – as bloggers, reporters, editors, writers of non-fiction supplemental material, marketing professionals, convention panelists, game designers, and artists. Tricia will talk about the many options available to participate either as a fan or in pursuit of more professional opportunities, including where to start, how to make an impression, and what school coursework will give the aspiring fan a head start. Participants will have the opportunity to win Star Wars books donated by Random House and other fun items.



Tricia Barr took her understanding of brand management and marketing, mixed it with a love of genre storytelling, and added a dash of social media flare to create FANgirl Blog, where she discusses Star Wars, fandom, and the intersection of women within Star Wars fandom. She is co-author of Ultimate Star Wars and Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia from DK Publishing, a featured writer for Star Wars Insider magazine with numerous articles on the Hero's Journey. Her FANgirl opinions can be heard on the podcasts Hyperspace Theories and Fangirls Going Rogue. Tricia Barr's novel, Wynde, won the 2014 Independent Publisher Book Award Gold Medal for Best Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Ebook. She was also part of Silence in the Library's successful all-female creator science fiction and fantasy anthology Athena's Daughters, which is available now. For excerpts and tales of her adventures in creating a fictional universe, hop over to

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    Like. :)

  • April 13, 2012 at 9:02 am

    What a great opportunity this is for you! Even better, some young SciFi fans are going to walk away feeling better about themselves, and hopefully, filled with new ideas about what they want to do with their lives. Influencing youth is so important.

    I applaud your sister for her quick thinking, and you, for seizing the chance to be a very positive role model!

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