Hyperspace Theories: The Mandalorian Season Three Begins By Exploring Identity

The Mandalorian is back on Disney+ to kick off Season Three. On this episode of Hyperspace Theories, Tricia Barr and B.J. Priester discuss the characterization and storytelling developments unfolding across Chapter 17 (“The Apostate”), Chapter 18 (“The Mines of Mandalore”), and Chapter 19 (“The Convert”). By the end of these three episodes, we’ve learned a lot more about our central characters, yet each of them still faces profound questions about how they will choose to define, and possibly reshape, their individual identities going forward. For this season, Katee Sackoff is credited as a co-lead with Pedro Pascal, and the prominent role of Bo-Katan in these episodes definitely warrants that billing.

For Din Djarin, these episodes showcase his commitment to his understanding of the Mandalorian Creed. Despite other opportunities and obligations, he insists on fulfilling his quest to bathe in the Living Waters on Mandalore to redeem himself for having removed his helmet during the events of Season Two. He succeeds, and upon returning to the covert receives confirmation from the Armorer. What remains very much an open question, however, is what Din will do next.

Bo-Katan Kryze, on the other hand, experiences a very different journey. She begins the season without a purpose: she has lost her fleet, the Darksaber, and any people or place to rule – and, it seems, she has long since lost her faith in the value of the Creed. Once she departs her castle to rescue Grogu’s dad, she still talks to the foundling mostly about what she has lost, rather than what she still has to live (or fight) for. Even in the chamber with the Living Waters, she can barely hold back her derision when reading the ancient plaque. Then in s short span of time she sees the Mythosaur, loses her home to Imperial bombers, and is bestowed with her own redemption under the Armorer’s interpretation of the Creed. Suddenly everything has changed. Yet, like Din, Bo-Katan faces many questions about what she will choose for her path forward.

In addition to the lead characters, we also examine what these episodes show the audience about Grogu and his journey, as well as the Coruscant-based storyline with Doctor Pershing, Elia Kane, the New Republic’s amnesty program, and the lingering shadow of the Empire.

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