Costumes and Cosplay Highlights – Dragon Con 2016

Rey or Harley Quinn?

I heard several people wonder out loud which there would be more of wandering throughout the five hotels, part of a convention center, and sidewalks that make up Dragon Con. It looked like Rey pulled ahead early, but by the second day Harley Quinn was back to giving the heroine of The Force Awakens a run for her credits. While I have no idea which character actually reigned supreme during the 4-day convention, I did count 43 different people wearing Rey costumes over one 10-hour period (children, women, and men included). We’ve come a long way from last year when I wore a Rey costume and more than one person asked me if I was “one of those Mad Max wives”.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dragon Con, it’s a pop culture event that runs just about 24 hours a day. This year, for its 30th anniversary, over 77,000 people showed up to the party. And a very large percentage of them wear costumes or cosplay – from the casual attire to the year-in-the-making ensembles, Dragon Con has a little bit of everything you can think of… and then some things you hadn’t.

In my costume and cosplay highlights gallery you’ll find robots, mash-ups, superheroes, villains, a bit of geek fashion, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, and, of course, my speciality – Star Wars.



Photos by Kay. Please don’t republish this post without my permission. 



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