Going Down the Jaxxon Hole on Nerd Lunch

In the past year the Nerd Lunch podcast has done a few episodes they call “Down the Rabbit Hole”. On these episodes the hosts and guest pay tribute to all those times you’ve gone on Wikipedia to look something up, get drawn in by clicking on links, and then suddenly are unsure of how much time has passed and how you ended up on an article that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with your initial entry to the website.

I’ve never been on one of these particular podcast episodes… until now.

Since a majority of the Nerd Lunch episodes I have been on have been about Star Wars in some way, the guys decided to add a Star Wars twist – thus “Down the Rabbit Hole” became “Down the Jaxxon Hole”.

And instead of diving into Wikipedia, host CT, fellow guests Michael May and Jeff Somogyi, and I cruise through Wookieepedia.

Swoop Bike!
Swoop bike! (img: starwars.com)

Listen in to find out where we start on this zany dive and how we end up talking about Pilf Mukmuk and letting out all our questions about Kowakian monkey-lizards.

And I won’t tell you how, but Shadows of the Empire does come up.

It’s moff-tastic.

You can also find Nerd Lunch on iTunes and Stitcher. Learn more about and listen to previous episodes of Nerd Lunch I’ve been on or hosted. 

Pilf Mukmuk
Pilf Mukmuk and Hondo Onaka are trying to hide their amusement. (img: starwars.com)


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