Once Upon A Time Han Shot First

The latest episode of Assembly of Geeks marks our one year anniversary! It was also one of my favorite episodes, with my Fangirls Going Rogue co-host Teresa Delgado stopping by and getting to meet Jeff and Colleen Roney from Once Upon A Time Podcast. This week’s Assembly of Geeks episode is posted. From the show notes:


It’s the one year anniversary of the Assembly of Geeks!  GANNIN tries to figure out that means and we try to explain it to him by highlighting movies that are celebrating their 10th, 15th, 25th and 30th anniversaries this year.As we continue to look forward to the geek TV shows coming up this fall, Jeff & Colleen Roney from the Once Upon A Time Fan Podcast share their thoughts on the series and the upcoming Frozen themed season.Teresa Delgado shares her Dragon Con report with the Geek Assembly and it’s full of fans, crazy stories, cosplayers and selfies!

We also hear from a Geek Assembly member who is successfully raising a Star Wars fangirl.Other topics discussed in the meeting today include expensive TV shows that Netflix acquired, what we noticed about this rough cut of the Star Wars cantina scene, what Stan Lee ALMOST did in Guardians of the Galaxy and the opening of a 4DX movie theater in Los Angeles.

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