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A couple of weeks ago we shared a short Q&A with Lisa about her time at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. I asked those questions while filling out her Year of the Fangirl nomination. Last week Lisa was a Her Universe’s Fangirl of the Day! Here’s why I nominated her:

Why did you decide to shine the spotlight on this fangirl?

Over the course of San Diego Comic-Con, friends were tweeting, texting, and posting online pictures of cosplayers. Lisa kept popping up, presenting John Jackson Miller with his honorary membership in Rebel Legion, then as a Chiss X-wing pilot, and finally helping at the Del Rey booth in her Jaina Solo shirt. Erich Schoeneweiss at Del Rey said, “Lisa is the best kind of fan. She should be one of the Fangirls of the Day.” After getting her answers, I couldn’t agree with him more. She supports her favorite fandoms and her fellow fans in numerous positive ways, and to me, that is what being a fangirl is about.

Author Janine Spendlove was also a Fangirl of the Day. Janine is a Marine Corps pilot and took some time out of her busy schedule to give me feedback on an aerial combat sequence in my manuscript for Wynde. She runs races in cosplay, including Princess Leia. She will be at DragonCon this weekend, appearing on some panels. You can check out her books and schedule here.

Blogger Kai Charles was inspired by Year of the Fangirl to create a series Fangirl Summer, which featured fellow fangirls during a celebration of the best season for poolside reading. One of her goals was to celebrate the online friends she has been able to make during the Her Universe year-long campaign. Much like Lisa supported her friends at San Diego Comic-Con, working together to obtain merchandise and spots in line, Kai helped nab me an exclusive comic earlier this year at a convention. Together, fangirls can achieve anything. On Monday, I participated in Fangirl Summer, sharing my updated picks on where to start in the vast Star Wars Expanded Universe. There literally is something for everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Yesterday, Kai shared her top five EU moments. Here’s Number One:

Heir  To The Empire

Not the first Star Wars EU novel but definitely the most memorable and fan favorite. My favorite part : Chapter 1. Just seeing those words brought joy to my heart. The saga was continuing!

Be sure to check out Kai’s blog Fictional State of Mind for books and comics reviews of the geeky kind!

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