Celebration VI: Suvudu Jaina Solo Art Brought to Life

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In June, Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare co-author Paul Urquhart shared with Suvudu readers his best star-pilots in the Galaxy Far Far Away. The article featured images created by Frank-Joseph Frelier and included artwork of Stealth-X pilot Jaina Solo. On the first day of Celebration VI, I was amazed to see Shea Standefer at the Dark Horse Comics booth in her cosplay recreation of the new flight suit. In less than two months she pulled off a spectacular costume, which she also wore to the Del Rey panel the next day.

Shea took some time to share with FANgirl Blog her thoughts on costuming and how she pulled together the Stealth-X Jaina Solo costume in time for the convention. She also passed along a few images showing the evolution of Jaina’s character in costume, including exclusive new pictures. From the interview:

I think Jaina fans all over the world – especially myself – simultaneously let out a squeal of excitement when the image of Jaina in a Stealth-X flight suit appeared on Suvudu! If you are interested in making the costume, first and foremost I would contact the artist, Frank-Joseph Frelier, if you have any questions on aspects of the design. He was incredibly helpful and very supportive of my endeavor to bring his drawing to life, and generously answered all of my questions. These are some of the notes he gave me:

  • The outfit is a flight suit underneath a jacket. The flight suit is made out of fabric, while the jacket is meant to have the appearance of leather. This explains the differing textures of the jacket and pants in the drawing. (If you look very carefully, the light from the lightsaber is absorbed differently on the different fabrics – the jacket is more “shiny,” while the pants are more “matte.”)
  • The outfit is a deep indigo color, rather than black. This is a nod to Jaina’s lightsaber color.
  • The chest box is an “updated” version of the X-Wing chest box. Its look is influenced by the original chest boxes, but is also meant to reflect a newer generation of pilots, hence the redesign.

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