Let’s Win the Season of the Force Scavenger Hunt

One of six decoder signs found around Tomorrowland

Season of the Force is a celebration of all things Star Wars going on now at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. From exciting new food options to an updated Star Tours and the Hyperspace Mountain overlay, fans have a lot to enjoy. One new feature is the “Seek and Find” scavenger hunt that spans from Galaxy’s Edge to Tomorrowland. Although it was fun to hunt around the park and decipher the clues, the Seek and Find wasn’t necessarily intuitive. So here are some pointers to help you complete the Seek and Find and get on to some of the other fun things like meeting Sabine Wren or catching the BDX droids wandering around the outpost.

See cast members in Star Traders to pick up and redeem your Seek and Find scavenger hunt card during Season of the Force.
  1. You’ll pick up your scavenger hunt card at Star Traders in Tomorrowland. You can go to any sales desk and ask for one. While it directs you to Galaxy’s Edge to kick off the hunt, you need the decoder signs placed around Tomorrowland. Everyone I talked to thought it was easier to have those signs in your phone before hitting Black Spire Outpost. We’ve included above an example of the decoder signs. (Important tip: the number of the sign doesn’t matter, only the color of the number.)
  2. When you hit Batuu, make sure you flip the scavenger hunt card over. It has a map (see below) that shows you where to find the coded cylinders placed around the outpost and the Resistance base. We saw a lot of people wandering around in the wrong places looking for cylinders. The cylinders are about the size of your fist and you don’t want to make it harder by searching in places they aren’t.
  3. Each cylinder is one of the 6 colors found on the decoder signs and also coordinate with the colors on the secret word you need to decipher on the bottom of the scavenger hunt card. (Important tip: the color of the cylinders aren’t quite as bright as the colors on the decoder and the scavenger hunt card. They are more muted to match the theming in Batuu. So instead of a cyan blue look for a dark blue cylinder.)
  4. Use the open space in your scavenger card to mark down the color of the cylinder and the markings on the cylinder. If you’ve already taken a picture of the decoder cards, find the decoder card with the corresponding color and use that to translate the code on the cylinder. Mark that letter down in the corresponding colored box or boxes in your scavenger hunt secret word at the bottom of the card. If you didn’t get pics of the decoder signs, that’s okay: you have to go back to Tomorrowland (Star Trader’s specifically) to redeem your prize once you figure out the secret word.
  5. For a hint about the hardest cylinder to find, scan to the bottom of the post…
The map for locating the Seek and Find cylinders around Galaxy’s Edge
The blue cylinder you will need to locate for the scavenger hunt. Write down the color and the secret code inscribed on it on your Seek and Find card

For more fun information about Disneyland’s Season of the Force, check out our socials and tune in to our Priority Transmission on Fangirls Going Rogue. Seasons of the Force runs through June 2, 2024.


Hint: Although the clue for the second location says “Oga’s Cantina,” the black cylinder is across from the Cantina, hanging above head height.



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