She-Hulk Easter Eggs You Don’t Want To Miss!

Who’s the six foot seven, green skinned, jacked attorney that was the first MCU character to break the fourth wall? She-Hulk, that’s who. Marvel’s She-Hulk has been an absolute blast to watch so far. Besides its comedy and cameos, She-Hulk also contains a bunch of easter eggs that could possibly tell us more about how it fits into the Marvel Universe. Let’s take a look at the easter eggs we’ve seen so far in the first three episodes: 


While Jen and Bruce were driving (and eating Cheetos with chopsticks), they were suddenly cut off by a vehicle that was definitely not meant for the highway. “The spaceship that caused that Hulk fender-bender was a Sakaaran class A courier craft, meaning it came from the planet Sakaar where Banner and Thor worked as gladiators for Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster in the movie Thor: Ragnarok.” (via cnet)  Potentially, this could also connect to “World War Hulk” and “Skarr Son of Hulk” from the MCU comics.

During the Hulk beach bar scenes, there were multiple cutouts of Hulk in the background from the Sakaar Hulk Festival, and his helmet that he fought Thor with was also spotted in the beach house, leading me to believe that we’ll definitely have to consider Bruce possibly going back to Sakaar during She-Hulk. In the second episode of She-Hulk, while Jen and Bruce discuss the Emil Blonsky case, we see Bruce in space on what looks like a Sakaaran ship. “This is a major plot point and the biggest reveal of the episode as it indicates what may be next for Bruce. Assumedly, he is headed for Sakaar” (via The Direct). 

This further emphasizes a possible World War Hulk adaptation in the near future. “Interestingly, it is rumored that the rights to a solo Hulk movie return to Marvel in 2023, so the timing does work out in that capacity. A World War Hulk storyline would mean the return of Savage Hulk and would most likely dive into what happened during that two-year gap he spent in space” ( via The Direct). 

Ms. Marvel

As Jen walked into the bathroom in episode one, there was some interesting graffiti on the wall behind her. One of the drawings was the Ms. Marvel lightning bolt symbol, which is super interesting since She-Hulk (2024) takes place a year before Ms. Marvel (2025). 

It could be possible that someone pre-drew this, anticipating the arrival of Ms. Marvel. This “someone” could be Kang the Conqueror. In Loki, we saw how the MCU timeline unraveled and discovered that different versions of Kang existed. Since Kang will be in Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which is taking place in California — the same place as She-Hulk — it further points to Kang being the one that anticipated the rise of Ms. Marvel. 


In the second episode, as Nikki helps Jen to try and find a job online after getting fired, we see Jen come across an article on a website titled “10 Offbeat Jobs for a Fresh Start”. On the sidebar of this website, there’s an article titled “Man fights with metal claws in bar brawl,” referencing Wolverine. 

“While this is the first mention of Wolverine, the MCU recently teased the concept of mutants when the finale of Ms. Marvel sampled the theme from X-Men: The Animated Series to reveal Kamala Khan’s mutant origins” (via Collider). 

Whether or not the X-Men are introduced in the MCU, it’s always possible that Marvel may just skip the origin story for its members, or at least Wolverine’s, as they have for other heroes like Moon Knight and Spider-Man in the past. However, it seems that Marvel is getting a lot more comfortable with introducing characters from X-Men, so I think that it’s highly likely that we’ll get to see more of that in the future. 


Emil Blonsky, also known as Abomination, and now Jen’s client, is being suspiciously “reasonable” in prison. The whole “I’ve changed” act seems just a little too good to be true, which is why I think that it could all be an elaborate trick to try and get revenge on the Hulk, and now possibly She-Hulk. 

“During his consultation with Jen, Blonsky mentions that he has ‘seven soulmates’ he met through the prison pen pal program. If he only mentioned it once it would seem to be nothing more than a throwaway line to get a chuckle, She-Hulk is billed as a comedy, after all. But Blonsky brings them up once again, stating that he wants to start a new life and “live in peace on a large piece of property” purchased by them.” (Collider). 

Wong: The Sorcerer Supreme

In episode three, we see how the Abomination participating in Xialing’s underground fight ring in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings provides an obstacle for Jen during the parole hearing of Emil Blonsky. Only one person could clear the air and that is none other than Wong, the current Sorcerer Supreme”. 

Luckily, Nikki found Wong’s LinkedIn profile and confirms that he became the Sorcerer Supreme after Dr. Strange was blipped in Avengers: Endgame. His profile lists Wong as stationed at the New York Sanctum Sanctorum, where Strange guards the place as a master of the mystic arts, and not Kamar-Taj, the seat of the Sorcerer Supreme. In episode four we do see Wong binging popular television shows with Madisynn in Kamar Taj. Did Wong forget to update his LinkedIn profile or is he still in New York often looking out for Strange, possibly preventing another spell that could be botched, like the one we saw in Spiderman: No Way Home

She-Hulk is one of my favorite MCU shows so far. From Megan Thee Stallion, to Captain America’s ass, She-Hulk has definitely been one of the funniest and relatable shows so far in the MCU. All of the cameos so far have been amazing, and I especially have been loving the post credit scenes too. However, let’s all keep in mind who the spotlight is on because as Jennifer Walter perfectly said: “Let’s not forget who’s show this is.”

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