Get to Know The Gods of Moon Knight

by Siya Patel

Moon Knight has been one of the most interesting and eye-catching shows of the MCU so far, incorporating a variety of topics, ranging from dissociative identity disorder to Egyptian mythology. It showed how Asgardians aren’t the only kind of mythical Gods present in the MCU. The Egyptian mythology behind Moon Knight may be fairly new to some audiences but knowing the basics of it could help establish connections between Moon Knight and future stories. Here’s a primer on some of the deities featured in Moon Knight.

Khonshu from Marvel’s Moon Knight


Known as the Egyptian God of the Moon, who was banished by the other Egyptian Gods due to him not turning his back on humanity. He considers himself to be a form of vengeance and that often causes internal conflicts between him, Marc, and Steven throughout the series. Khonshu chooses people to serve as his champions and provides them with a healing armor that grants them superpowers. He operates as an outsider figure in the MCU’s version of the Egyptian Gods, making him one of the most important Gods in the MCU comics and universe!


A feared – rather than worshiped creature by the people of Egypt, Ammit (or Ammut) is a deity from the underworld whose plans differ from Khonshu’s. She has the physical characteristics of a crocodile and acts as the guardian of a weapon known as the Sword of Bones. Unlike Khonshu, Ammit brings “death to all evildoers before they can commit their crimes’. But, because Ammit has been locked in a tomb for centuries, she hasn’t been able to achieve her goal and has in turn been relying on her worshipper Arthur Harrow to grant her freedom. She possesses a powerful form of dark magic (which has a glowy dark purple look similar to Agatha Harknesses’ powers), which makes her extremely dangerous. 


The goddess of music and love who also rules with Ra (God of the Sun, leader of all the Egyptian Gods), Hathor has been known to transform into a lion goddess known as the Sekhmet. She is the sister of Bast, the panther goddess who is responsible for the Black Panther legacy, which could potentially foreshadow a connection between the Black Panther and Hathor!


Known as the Egyptian goddess of women and children, Taweret’s history goes back to around 3000 BC. In Moon Knight, Taweret was revealed at the end of the Episode 4, and was portrayed with a hippopotamus head, a lion’s arms/paws, and a crocodile’s tail/legs. According to Egyptian mythology, Taweret has the power to bless and cleanse the dead, guiding the deceased through the afterlife and back to the land of the living. She poses as a friendly guide for both Marc and Steven in their journey through Duat, the Egyptian underworld. For more insight into Taweret, check out Episode 5 “Asylum” out now on Disney+.

Hi! My name is Siya Patel and I’m a 16 year old writer for FANgirl Blog! I love the MCU, watching sitcoms, and music!”

Siya Patel

Hi! My name is Siya Patel and I’m a 16 year old writer for FANgirl Blog! I love the MCU, watching sitcoms, and music!