Porg Shoes – The Latest from Po-Zu’s Star Wars Collection

If you’ve ever wanted to carry the porgs from The Last Jedi with you on your feet, you now have a new official option.

From Po-Zu:

Dubbed a game-changer for ethical footwear consumers and Star Wars enthusiasts alike, the new Sri Lankan ethical range will include UNISEX and vegan sneakers at a very affordable price point. The new line is headed up by the key Porg style low-cut £59 and high-top £69, with the Porg beautifully printed onto organic cotton and signature Star Wars | Po-Zu tongue detail. The sneakers, made with organic cotton canvas upper, a coconut husk and natural latex FootMattress™ and FSC certified Fairtrade rubber soles, follow the sustainability pillars on which Founder and CEO Sven Segal, began Po-Zu 11 years ago.

Star Wars Porg Shoes by Po-Zu
The Porg Lo-Cut and Hi-Top Sneakers from Po-Zu side by side. Img: Po-Zu

The reveal took place today on starwars.com. Not only are these new porg shoes available for all genders, they come with two style options and are made of high-quality, ethical materials. This marks the first shoe in Po-Zu’s Star Wars collection to be manufactured out of their new Sri Lankan facility as part of the company’s effort to also offer ethical shoes at a more affordable price point. Both the low-cut and hi-top sneakers feature the same repeating two-porg sketch print, which from a distance look like a bold pattern.

And for those wondering about the price translation, the high-top (affiliate link) will run about $90 US and the low-cut (affiliate link) at about $77 US (according to Po-Zu’s website). The porg sneaker is a pre-order with an estimated delivery of late April 2018.



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