Kay Revisits (Indiana Jones and the) Raiders of the Lost Ark with Nerd Lunch

Marion convincing Indiana Jones to do a podcast. (Not really.) image: lucasfilm.com

A few months ago, inspired by Marion Ravenwood, I saw a window of opportunity and jumped in. We talked a little bit about Indiana Jones on our Lawrence Kasdan episode of Hyperspace Theories, but there’s so much to discuss when it comes to this series of stories. So all it took was a brief mention of Harrison Ford for me to remind Carlin Trammel, the host of the Nerd Lunch podcast, that they hadn’t done an Indiana Jones discussion yet.

Soon enough, my friend Todd – the artist behind JunkFed – joined me in not only convincing Nerd Lunch to do a whole Indiana Jones series of episodes but also “Marion-ing” our way onto the panel.

Raiders of the Lost Ark recently hit its 35-year release anniversary and was celebrated with new art. Indiana Jones would have turned 117 just the other day if he was alive (and real). And according to Steven Spielberg and Disney, Indiana Jones 5 is a thing that’s going to happen. There’s no question that the love for Indy lives on.

For a long time I’ve been a fan of the film tributes to the 1930s/40s movie serials and Raiders is a story I have yet to get tired of watching. So it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the beginning of the Nerd Lunch Indiana Jones Drill Down series. Podcast Episode 237: Raiders of the Lost Ark is available on iTunesStitcher, and Libsyn as well as embedded below.

Learn more about and listen to previous episodes of Nerd Lunch I’ve been on or hosted. And happy listening!



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