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The other day I was on Pinterest looking for a good plank challenge plan when I saw a pin for a Black Widow workout. Black Widow as in Black Widow who can be seen in many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies but not on much of the merchandising Black Widow? Yes, that one. It was indeed an illustrated workout combo inspired by the woman who, among other things, saved a super soldier multiple times. There was punching, kicking, and oh yes, climbers. So I decided to give it a try the next day. Let’s just say it looks easier than it is. But it’s a fun element to add to your fitness regime. I’ve heard of a couple gyms being based around geek/nerdy themes or incorporating them into their WODs, but it’s something I had never tried.

Then I realized there were several other similarly illustrated geeky-interest-inspired workout sets floating around from the same site. So I ended up on and there is literarlly a treasure-trove of these with instructions, info about what muscles you’re working, and tips. They even have timer buttons for your rests in between sets. It’s all part of the NR Project, which is a volunteer-run passion project to make fitness fun and accessible. (UPDATE: The website is now called Darebee. All the links are updated.) As such all the workouts are available for free; you can even download them as pdfs.

What’s more most of them don’t require equipment so you can do them anywhere you have the space. A whole range of female, male, and even animal characters inspire these workout plans from comics, movies, video games, books, and TV; you can see the whole catalogue here. You can do one while watching a movie. There’s even one to do with your books! Wynde would probably be a good option.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Blade Runner Inspired Workout
Flutter kick away from the replicants!
Firefly Inspired Workout
I hear Reavers can’t get you when you’re plank rolling.














Also don’t miss:

Sarah Connor The unknown future high knees toward us. 

The Floor Is Lava I hope this is a Community reference.

Jedi A Jedi uses the Force for cross chops and planks, never burpees.

Hunger Games/Mockingjay  Fire is catching and if we do sit-up punches, you do them with us.

Jurassic Park Hold on to your plank jacks.

Doctor Who/Clara Oswald Why do I keep high knee-ing into you?

Do you incorporate your fandom into your fitness plan? Let us know how in the comments.

Kay grew up wanting to be an astronaut. After seeing Star Wars, she wanted to be Princess Leia, Han Solo, and an astronaut. Currently a voice actor, photographer, and artist who also consults in communications and marketing, Kay spends the little bit of free time she has reading, writing, learning and, of course, making pew pew noises. She would pick up more jobs, hobbies, and fitness routines if she was a Time Lord. You can follow her on Twitter.



She grew up wanting to be an astronaut. After seeing Star Wars, she wanted to be Princess Leia, Han Solo, and an astronaut. Life’s taken her on a bit of a different path, but she’s okay with that. Kay is FANgirl's resident geek fashion expert and co-host of the Hyperspace Theories podcast. She reviews books and movies for the site with a heart for storytelling and a mind that likes to analyze. Kay's been a guest on various podcasts sharing her love and knowledge of storytelling, film-making, fashion, and of course, Star Wars. Most days are filled with her work as a creative services professional - designing websites & branding, photographing, voice acting, editing, and more. Kay spends the little bit of free time she has reading, costuming, and, of course, making pew pew noises. She would pick up more jobs and hobbies if she was a Time Lord.

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  • February 18, 2015 at 1:00 am

    I tried the Jedi: It is very intense. All I need now is lightsaber!

    • March 1, 2015 at 1:07 pm

      I’d advise caution while working out with a lightsaber. ;) But yes, they are all pretty intense!

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