REVIEW: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: A Test of Strength

From Megan Crouse’s latest The Clone Wars review:

The second episode in the Young Jedi arc brings back the popular and hilarious Hondo Ohnaka and introduces David Tennant as a droid called Huyang, but also shows Ahsoka in a new light.

This is one of the first episodes where knowing that Ahsoka is a Padawan herself is unimportant. The show treats her as a fully-fledged Jedi: this is not a mission Anakin sent her on, or one designed to prove anything about flaws he noticed in her. She hasn’t officially been Knighted yet, but separating her from her role as a Padawan allows the episode to show her more clearly as an individual. The reason why she was chosen to attend “The Gathering” should have been explained last episode, but it wasn’t, and it doesn’t really matter any more in “A Test of Strength.” Ahsoka is a good teacher. Her response “It is now!” when a trainee asks whether the pirate attack is part of their training shows a willingness to roll with the punches that fits the Jedi Zen mindset.

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