Superhero Premiere Geek Chic

Guest post by Eileen Sather

It’s finally here, the superhero movie you’ve been dying to see! You bought your tickets already. You know which of your lucky friends you’re taking with you. You’ve examined the theater’s indoor layout and chosen the perfect seat for optimum viewing. And of course you’ve planned your route to the theater, taking into account traffic and stop lights so you know exactly what time you’ll arrive in order to claim said perfect seat. Okay, maybe you didn’t go that far… or maybe you did. The point is, you’re excited and you’ve thought of every detail. But one very important question remains: what will you wear? If you’re a devout fangirl, a complete costume with all the fixings is the way to go. Or maybe you want to give a more subtle nod to your favorite character with some themed accessories. That’s cool, too. Depending on your level of fandom, here are a few ideas for dressing up for two of the biggest movies of the summer!

The Amazing Spider-Man (Premieres July 6th)

If you want to be like Gwen Stacy…

The Gwen Stacy vs. Mary Jane Watson debate may rage on for some fans, but this reboot of the Spider-Man franchise is all about Gwen. Gwen is smart, independent, and beautiful, it’s no wonder that Peter Parker falls for her! If you want to show your allegiance to Spider-Man’s first love, here are a few options.

  • Level One: The Subtle Tribute
    Gwen dresses pretty preppy, and she sure loves her hair accessories. To give your movie premiere outfit just a dash of Gwen Stacy style, try a sweater vest over a white tee and top it off with Gwen’s signature black headband. Here’s one with a fun bow:
  • Level Two: Taking It Up A Notch
    To get a little more Gwen, add a plaid skirt and some knee-high socks. You can choose any pattern of socks, but who doesn’t love argyle?
  • Level Three: Full-On Fangirl
    If subtlety just isn’t your scene, go all-out in a complete Gwen Stacy costume, lab coat, glasses, a plaid skirt, and the all important headband. Can you say “nerdy hot”?

If you’re obsessed with Spider-Man…

Maybe you’re the kind of fangirl who would rather get in on the bad guy butt-kicking action. Sitting on the bench isn’t your thing and you think you’d be pretty good at scaling the sides of buildings. If that’s more your style, here are some ideas for getting your Spidey on.

  • Level One: The Subtle Tribute
    You don’t need to wear a full red and blue bodysuit to show love for your favorite web-slinging superhero! Stroll into the theater sporting a retro Amazing Spider-Man t-shirt and everyone will know whose side you’re on. Maybe find one with a vintage comic book feel.
  • Level Two: Taking It Up A Notch
    Add some web shooters to your outfit for elevated superhero status. These shooters not only look cool, they’ll also get you prepared for any crime-fighting you may have to do at the movie:
    No popcorn stealing will happen on your watch!
  • Level Three: Full-On Fangirl
    Of course, no one’s stopping you from rocking that red and blue bodysuit! Try a sparkly eye mask so you can conceal your identity from other moviegoers! Well, sort of. At least you’ll look good.

The Dark Knight Rises (Premieres July 20th)

If you identify with Catwoman…

Okay, so maybe Catwoman isn’t nice all the time. But then again, who is? If you’re the type of fangirl who appreciates characters with flaws, then dressing up as this famed antihero from the Batman world is purrfect for you (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Here’s a range of choices for your movie premiere outfit, from a little bling to a lot of bodysuit.

  • Level One: The Subtle Tribute
    What better way to give a nod to Catwoman than with some black leather and a piece of dazzling jewelry? Pair a cropped, black leather jacket with a Catwoman-inspired ring like this one:
    This fierce ring brings to mind Catwoman’s humble roots as a cat burglar with expensive taste!
  • Level Two: Taking It Up A Notch
    Look even more like the mysterious and oh so sexy burglar who has a love-hate relationship with Batman when you wear a classic Catwoman vinyl mask. The people sitting behind you at the theater might not be too thrilled, but that’s their fault for not scoping out seats in advance like you did. Better luck next time.
  • Level Three: Full-On Fangirl
    Let’s face the facts: you can’t say the name “Catwoman” without thinking of a skintight, black bodysuit. So if you’re a purist, there’s no way to be Catwoman without body-suiting up. Yes, this sleek look is pretty bold, but come on, we’re talking about the last Christopher Nolan Batman movie here! Who knows if you’ll have another shot at this? Okay, you probably will, the folks over at DC are most likely planning another reboot already, but still. Be bold.

If you dig Batman…

Maybe you are the hero type, always rescuing babies from trees and stopping your friends from over-sharing on their Facebook statuses. The world needs more people like you. Show off your heroic side at the movies by paying tribute to the Dark Knight himself, Batman! Check out these suggestions for a Batman-themed outfit.

  • Level One: The Subtle Tribute
    You can’t go wrong with a vintage comic book t-shirt. Throw up the bat signal at the theater by wearing a tee with a classic Batman logo on it. A vintage shirt will keep you comfy even when you have to spring into action and thwart those pesky line-skippers.
  • Level Two: Taking It Up A Notch
    Go even more Gotham City glam by adding a bat eye mask and some Batman nail art:
    You’ll feel like a superhero to the tips of your fingers!
  • Level Three: Full-On Fangirl
    This movie premiere needs your fearless sense of style. Answer the call in a complete Batman or Batgirl costume! This one has an attached cape so you can swoop into the theater with authority:
    Bane doesn’t stand a chance.

Now that your wardrobe is set, there’s nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy the movie! After all that planning, you’ve earned it.

Eileen Sather from is such a fangirl, she is already camping out in line to get tickets to see The Dark Knight Rises.



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