Surprises and Synergy in the Star Wars Fandom

Remember when I talked about liking the unexpected in my 2012 look-ahead blog?  Well, it’s just a little bit past the middle of January, and I’ve already had a few of my wishes granted.  Some I can’t talk about yet, but one I’d better let out of the bag because it’s happening today – I’m back on the Clone Wars Roundtable with Jason and Jimmy Mac from the ForceCast!

Obi-Wan has always been one of my favorite characters in Star Wars. I can’t wait to talk about him, and the implications of his actions in last week’s episode, “Deception.” Tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern to check out the live broadcast of the discussion. First, though, we have Megan’s review of the episode going up in the Reviews section.

Speaking of The Clone Wars and the ForceCast, last week the guys interviewed Dave Filoni. The interview is definitely worth listening to if you’re interested in Star Wars or storytelling.  It’s easy to criticize as we watch through the season, but we also have to realize that the series is weaving together an impossibly large volume of mythology, fusing it with fan expectations, all the while trying to create a good story.

In preparation for tonight, I just caught up on last week’s Roundtable with Eric Geller and Big Honkin’ Steve. Talk about synergy – they ended up chatting extensively about Anakin’s and Padmé’s romance.  It’s a fantastic discussion, with each of them making spot on points about Padmé.  If I had one thing to add, it would be that I took away the impression that they were viewing the ideal of a woman’s love as fitting into the box of nurturer or lover.  Personally, as a woman, I don’t believe the female heart works with an either/or option, and hopefully that’s been coming through in FANgirl’s Padmé-centric blogs.  Anyway, kudos to the guys for discussing romance in Star Wars!

Things are going to get a little busy here, and more exciting news will follow.  In addition to Megan’s reviews of The Clone Wars, this week Racheal Ambrose returns to tutor me on all things Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Linda Hansen-Raj interviews Star Wars author Paul S. Kemp. Lex and I will also be adding more commentary on Padmé’s characterization, especially as it relates to the ending of Revenge of the Sith. I want to thank each of them, and those working on upcoming blogs as well, for giving me time to keep writing on my novel Wynde, where I’m deep into the fray (and romance) of the story.



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