Assembly of Geeks: Episode 17: How Queen Amidala Fixes Things

The introduction for this week’s episode of Assembly of Geeks plays it coy, but I’ll let you in on a secret. The fun stuff comes when we discuss Zimbio’s Which Star Wars Character Are You? test. Someone got Queen Amidala, and it wasn’t me. I am secretly green with envy that I didn’t get Padmé or Leia. Of all my friends around the internet, some got characters that are the same gender, but many found that their personality aligned with the opposite gender. Which just goes to show that gender isn’t the only thing that makes a character relatable. That doesn’t change the fact that people still like to see characters that are as diverse on the outside as the Star Wars cast of characters are on the inside.

In addition to Star Wars we talked Ant-Man, and I learned a lot from Bobby Blakey. After seeing the Peggy Carter short last week, I can see how Marvel would tie the cinematic universe in with backstory on S.H.I.E.L.D. From the show notes:

How would Queen Amidala fix Star Wars?  Well, you’ll find out if you listen (and that question will make a lot more sense). We’re talking about how we’d fix (or improve) some of our favorite geek movies in the assembly today. Also, Bobby Blakey (aka the Mighty Movie Master) attempts to provide some clarity and opinion to the latest Ant-Man casting news.

Along the way we discuss some of the latest geek news including the new release date for Batman vs. Superman (and the great pic to the right that goes with it), some Star Wars prequel storylines that Lucas came up with back in 1977,  some details that make the Gotham TV series sound better, writers for a possible Agent Carter series and news about a cool 1960s series that’s finally coming to DVD and Blu-ray.

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  • January 22, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    I got The Emperor. And I am male…

    Must be all that time watching the Plinkett reviews over and over. Want some pizza rolls?

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