Fangirls Going Rogue: Rebellious Fangirls Love Ewoks (and Listeners!)

Our second episode has a holiday flair. After talking about the great feedback from the first show, we peruse Star Wars Insider Issue #146. Boba Fett, who we featured as our first character discussion, has a cover article in this issue. What we were most excited for, though, was the sidebar from Star Wars Rebels line producer Athena Portillo and the interview with executive producer Greg Weisman, where he talks about his view of the importance of humor and strong female characters in storytelling. Weisman was also featured on a video hosted at the main page.

Teresa and Tricia got a little sidetracked discussing new art by Chris Amorim for Fangirls Going Rogue. We’re not sure which of the spunky characters each of us should be. If you have thoughts please share them with us.

Then the party got started with a fantastic guest – Ashley Eckstein! We talk about fashion, being a fangirl, and how the Year of the Fangirl went better than expected. Just a reminder from the episode: you can keep up on all things Her Universe by joining their newsletter. It was neat to hear that most of the Her Universe social media interactions are Ashley. Oh, and there was news of scarves…

After the interview we brainstormed holiday gift ideas for fangirls and fanboys. Ashley stayed to help us out. Teresa kicked off the suggestions with a R2-D2 USB car charger from ThinkGeek. Teresa and Tricia were both excited that Her Universe is offering gift certificates. Fangirls Going Rogue’s name was inspired in part from our love of Rogue Squadron, so we recommend the X-Wing dress or Rogue Squadron hood tank for favorite fangirls. Ashley mentioned that conventional wisdom was that these wouldn’t be a hit with the ladies, yet the dress and hoodie flew off the shelves at Star Wars Weekends. Finally, apparel needs appropriate accessorizing, which led us back to ThinkGeek for socks, lightsaber earrings, and watches.

Ideas beyond that ranged from Star Wars ornaments from Hallmark to lightsabers found in the toy department at Target. Our Ewok love lead us to this Lego Ewok Village set where your fangirl could reenact the original ending of Return of the Jedi with Ewok mini-figs. (Appropriate music can be found here.)

For those with new ereaders The Making of Return of the Jedi has tons of cool extras on the ebook version. On Blu-ray, there’s The Clone Wars: Season Five.

If you prefer unique, Etsy has a lot of cool stuff like these I Love You, I Know pillows or get her pooch a Star Wars plushy to chase.

While we’re on gift ideas, RebelForce Radio just released fangirl sizes of their t-shirts.

Finally, we closed out the show talking about Aayla Secura, a character who crossed over into the movies from the Expanded Universe.

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