Fangirls Around the Web: July 11, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con already has produced a wealth of information on the ‘net, so it’s time to highlight the fangirls and heroines of the week!

How about some Star Wars to kick this off?

Ashley Eckstein, Padmé, Leia (Victoria Schmidt), and a possible Jaina or two at the Course of the Force.

The past few days Ashley Eckstein has been co-hosting the Course of the Force, which benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Over at the revived Star Wars Blog, Ashley shared her leg of the course, which kicked off Day 2 and featured Melissa from Make-A-Wish in an adorable Ahsoka costume. Team Unicorn ran a leg cosplaying as Nightsisters from The Clone Wars; check out this great image posted by Clare Grant. Lucasfilm editor Jen Heddle pointed out the possibility of Jainas in attendance when she spotted this picture to the right. (Random fangirl brainstorm: How about Jaina versus the resurrected Nightsisters in the post-Return of the Jedi timeline?)

Back at the Star Wars Blog, Mary Franklin, Lucasfilm’s Senior Events Lead, has introduced (or reintroduced, depending on the fan) herself. Mary is coordinating Celebration VI, and she promises some exciting information in the weeks leading up to the Star Wars convention. Update: You can follow Mary on Twitter now too.

Young to Publishing Group member Kjersti Egerdahl contributed an informative piece on the Four Keys to Success in Licensed Publishing.  Star Wars books fans might recognize a name or two…

Moving onto Warehouse 13

SyFy released some promotional material for its show Warehouse 13. From

Each of the clips highlights one member of the team and what they are good at. Pete, for example, is known for his ability to pick up both good and bad “vibes,” which often save the team.

Myka, with her photographic memory, has the answer for almost everything which the other team members don’t know. Computer savvy Claudia, with her fun and free personality, always keeps it real, while Artie who is the team’s leader is good at distributing the job.

We’ll be featuring Myka and Claudia in an upcoming Seeking Strong Female Heroines post. Season Four premieres at 9:00 p.m. on July 23; in the meantime, geek chic Warehouse 13 style can be found at Her Universe.

SDCC = San Diego Comic-Con

Katrina Hill announced that she will be covering SDCC for MTV Geek.

Fictional State of Mind shares tips for keeping your zen during the convention season.

Bleeding Cool talks to Ashley Eckstein about her new Star Trek and Dr. Who lines. She also reveals her SDCC exclusive R2-D2 charm and a Her Universe logo shirt and lanyard available at the convention. I almost panicked – thinking I would miss out on Artoo – but there will be some set aside for Celebration.

How did I get back to Star Wars?

Because it’s awesome!

Maria Selke has totally sold me on Babymouse with her latest Star Wars Thursday update at The Fandom Post.

What I didn’t expect was to find a fantastically detailed Star Wars scene in a pink filled graphic novel about a mouse named Babymouse. Since a new Babymouse book comes out in July, my Nerdy Book Club friends online were creating “Babymouse for President” pictures. I decided I wanted to join in the fun, and started reading the books. In her book “Burns Rubber”, she imagines herself barreling toward the Death Star.

In addition to the pink, scifi and fantasy references abound in the Babymouse books, and there is even a panel at SDCC with its authors, Babymouse: Inside the Bubble. (Random House schedule spotted at Roqoo Depot.) What I wouldn’t give to be a kid again sometimes.

And we close with the cutest little Star Wars fangirl ever…

(via The Nerdy Bird and



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